Season Two - Episode Eighteen

This episode brings back Bubba Dean, Joe's football buddy who appeared in the first season episode "You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me" and admitted he was gay. He's back, as we discover, to say goodbye: he has learned that he has AIDS and is dying.

The episode begins with standard "Brothers" humor, including Donald being his usual hilarious self. The comedy, however, slams into a brick wall when Bubba refuses to let anyone pat him on the back at Donald's party and announces, "I got AIDS." From there the discussion is deadly serious, highlighted by a conversation about the subject between Cliff and Donald.

Video Edit

Brothers S2 Ep18 - Pt 1 of 308:59

Brothers S2 Ep18 - Pt 1 of 3

Brothers S2 Ep18 - Pt 2 of 309:25

Brothers S2 Ep18 - Pt 2 of 3

Brothers S2 Ep18 - Pt 3 of 305:49

Brothers S2 Ep18 - Pt 3 of 3

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