The Girl Most Likely
Season Two, Episode Six
Air date June 6, 1985
Written by Lissa Levin
Directed by Dick Martin
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Let the Eagle Fly
Donald's Dad

Kelly has mixed emotions about attending her high school reunion. She was voted "most likely to succeed" and feels she'll be rejected by her former classmates because she is just a waitress. After repeatedly changing her mind, she ultimately decides to go the reunion and just be herself (in a gold lame' dress).

Video Edit

Brothers S2 Ep6 - Pt 1 of 309:44

Brothers S2 Ep6 - Pt 1 of 3

Brothers S2 Ep6 - Pt 2 of 307:38

Brothers S2 Ep6 - Pt 2 of 3

Brothers S2 Ep6 - Pt 3 of 308:55

Brothers S2 Ep6 - Pt 3 of 3

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