Standards and Practices
Season One, Episode Ten
Air date Oct. 11, 1984
Written by James Berg
Directed by Shelley Jensen
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Fools Russian

Cliff has a new date on the rebound from Ivan (from last episode Fools Russian). When the man says he has to work late Cliff goes into a frenzy. As Donald tells him, the two were only dating for a week, but Cliff thinks that "I'm working late" is a lie. "I work late, you work late, all God's children work late," Donald reminds him, but Cliff doesn't see it that way. He wants this new date, whom he has only known for a week, to be "Mr. Perfect", as Joe later chides him.

Videos Edit

Brothers S1 Ep10 - Pt 1 of 309:14

Brothers S1 Ep10 - Pt 1 of 3

Brothers S1 Ep10 - Pt 2 of 308:34

Brothers S1 Ep10 - Pt 2 of 3

Brothers S1 Ep10 - Pt 3 of 306:38

Brothers S1 Ep10 - Pt 3 of 3

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