Mindless Passion
Season One, Episode Five
Air date Aug. 30, 1984
Written by Greg Antonacci
Directed by Joel Zwick
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He Ain't Witty, He's My Brother
Fear of Flying

Joe is seeing a woman he discovers is married after her husband wouldn't sign for flowers he had sent to her house. Lou is hoping to become a partner in the construction company, and Cliff wants to become the new Phillies 3rd baseman. They all have their hopes crushed, but they come to realize that life goes on and they must keep plugging away.

Memorable Quotes Edit

Joe: "How'd practice go?" Cliff: "Oh terrific... Coach compared me to one of the all-time greats." Joe: "Willie Mays?" Cliff: "Michael Jackson; he said we both wear a glove for no apparent reason."

Guest Starring Edit

Videos Edit

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