And Baby Makes Two
Season One, Episode Eight
Air date Sept. 27, 1984
Written by Greg Antonacci
Directed by Greg Antonacci
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Monte Carlo Night
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Kelly is taking orders at the Point After, and the standard menu questions lead to health questions about her male customer. When Joe inquires, she says she's trying to find "Mr. Right" because she's turning 30. Joe thinks she's down in the dumps because it's a milestone birthday, so he plans a birthday party for her. He even invites some men as prospective dates. The party is a disaster, with the police being called. As things calm down, she announces that she wasn't looking for a date, just to get pregnant. Her rationale: with her biologic clock ticking loudly in her ear, she cannot hope to find "Mr. Right" in time, but she figures she can always find a sleazy man who will leave once he discovers she's pregnant.

The Waters brothers and Donald discuss Kelly's situation over some beers (and wine for Donald). Joe leaves the bar on the pretense that he is going to get cigarettes, but Cliff knows better because Joe doesn't smoke.

Kelly is sitting at home alone, crying over a sad portion of a Jerry Lewis movie when there's a knock at the door. It's Joe, and he says that he would be happy to fulfill Kelly's wish for motherhood. Unfortunately, Lou drops by, too, with the same thought on his mind. As the two brothers are arguing over who Kelly should pick, the doorbell rings. It's Cliff, with the same thought on his mind. The argument heats up again, interrupted by the doorbell one more time. It's Donald, bottle of wine in hand. Kelly has to choose one of these four men to father her baby, so she picks Donald.

Donald discusses the prospect of Kelly waiting to have a husband and a father around full-time, saying that she really doesn't want him. Kelly quickly agrees that she doesn't want him, only picking him so Lou would leave.

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